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Arvada Hardwood Floor Company history

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Randy’s three sons, Donnie, Randy, and Jeremy, went to work with their father at Arvada Hardwood installing and finishing hardwood floors. Under his guidance, they too gained the respect of their peers, and became known in the hardwood flooring industry as future leaders and continued a family tradition that was started six decades earlier by the Hoffman family.

In 2002, Home Depot approached Arvada Hardwood Floor Company with an offer to purchase the company under their HD Supply division. After the purchase was complete in late 2002, Home Depot changed the name from Arvada Hardwood Floor Company to Creative Touch Interiors (CTI). This change marked the end of one story and the beginning of a new one.

In November 2002, the Hoffman brothers (Randy & Jeremy) started Denver Dustless. Their vision was simple, to continue the tradition of providing exceptional hardwood floors which they had become accustomed to at their fathers company, but to do so without the mess traditionally associated with hardwood floor installation and refinishing. Today, Denver Dustless continues to deliver the same quality hardwood floors and exceptional service as they did under the Arvada Hardwood Floor Company name.