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Hardwood Refnishing Arvada

Refinishing hardwood floors

For more than 40 years Arvada Hardwood Floor Co. specialized in hardwood floor refinishing, and today that tradition continues with Denver Dustless. When the Hoffman’s opened up Denver Dustless in the wake of the sale of Arvada Hardwood Floor Co. they recognized that not only did they need to continue their tradition of providing their customers with exceptional service and quality, they needed to do it safer and cleaner.

Refinishing a hardwood floor was historically a messy process filling your air ducts and cabinets with dust and debris. This dust would be re-circulated throughout your homes heating and cooling system creating an unhealthy environment. But with Denver Dustless you can have your existing hardwood floors completely resurfaced using our state of the art Dust Collection System without the mess traditionally associated with hardwood floor refinishing! The end result is a cleaner, safer home!

Not only can your hardwood floors be refinished without the dust, when you select a waterborne hardwood floor finish you can have the peace of mind that your home will not be filled with the toxic fumes either. Waterborne hardwood floor finishes now provide superior durability over traditional oil base finishes, and they dry in a fraction of the time. All of this means a faster, cleaner and safer refinishing experience for you and your family and you can get back to enjoying your new hardwood floors for years to come.