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Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

As Americans began to take notice of the environmental impacts that some of the our most treasured and basic home building commodities were having on our natural resources, there was one type of hardwood flooring that became the poster child for sustainable flooring… bamboo. Bamboo hardwood (this is actually a misnomer as bamboo is actually classified as a grass and not a tree), comes in several different styles and colors. The two most common styles are the Horizontal Grain and Vertical Grain Bamboo which both offer very unique looks. And the most common colors are Natural (this is the lighter version), and carbonized (a richer brown color).

While bamboo seemingly has a great story in terms of environmental sustainability, we have found it to fall a little short in when it comes to performance, especially in our dry Colorado climate. Some of the issues we have seen with bamboo flooring here in Colorado are excessive gapping between the individual planks, and de-lamination of the actual bamboo (a bamboo plank of flooring is actually made up of thin individual strips of bamboo glued together and is not a single/solid piece of bamboo like you would see with an actual plank of hardwood like oak).

Some of the other concerns with bamboo flooring have been in the production of the material. Most bamboo flooring comes from China and is heavily unregulated. Although there are several very reputable manufacturers who only get their raw materials from managed bamboo farms, and do not used formaldehyde based adhesives and finishes, many of the bamboo manufacturers purchase their bamboo from unmanaged harvesters which can lead to clear cutting, and they use adhesives and finishes which do contain formaldehyde and other solvents.

This may sound like an anti bamboo campaign, but it’s really not. The experts here at Arvada Hardwood just want our customers to be educated on the hardwood flooring products they are selecting, and to ensure that the hardwood flooring they do select will provide them with beautiful floors for years to come.