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Cork Flooring

The Green Flooring Choice!

Perhaps the most sustainable hardwood flooring product available comes from an unusual sourceā€¦ the Cork Oak tree. Believe it or not, the cork products we use every day are actually the bark of the Cork Oak tree. Cork Oak trees shed their bark naturally every 9-12 years making it one of the most highly renewable natural resources when it comes to flooring materials.

One of the greatest attributes to cork flooring is its ability to be installed in areas where a traditional hardwood floor would not perform well such as a bathroom. Cork is naturally water repellant making it an excellent alternative to ceramic tile or vinyl flooring in wet areas. Cork is also softer than most hardwood floors. This will give a more comfortable feel when you walk across a cork floor versus a hardwood floor; however, it is also more susceptible to denting and traffic wear. For this reason, cork should be limited to areas such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and basements.

Because of the many natural looks and colors of cork, there is certainly a cork floor to fit any style. Come by our showroom and see for yourself the natural warmth and beauty that a cork floor will offer.