Hardwood Flooring Jenka Scale

When you are selecting a hardwood floor for your home, it is important to factor in your individual lifestyle and the demands that will be placed on your hardwood floor. If your family includes the proverbial 2.3 kids and 1.8 pets, then you want to make sure that the hardwood you select is going to hold up to the occasional multi-toy car pile-up or the running and sliding of ‘Fido’ the family dog as he rushes to the door to greet your guests. The Janka Scale is the most recognized and useful tool for determining how hard or dense a particular species of hardwood is and therefore how well it is going to hold up to your individual lifestyle.

While all species of hardwood will scratch to some degree, hardwoods with a higher Janka Score like Oak, Hickory, and Maple will be significantly more scratch resistant compared to softer hardwoods like Pine, Cherry, and Walnut. The basic rule of thumb is: the higher the Janka Score, the more dense or hard a particular species of hardwood is and therefore the more scratch and dent resistant it will be. It is also important to balance style with functionality. Let our experts help you select the right hardwood floor that balances your discerning taste with your individual demands.